The Thundering Smoke – Book 2 – The Dutchman’s Plan

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The Thundering Smoke – Book 2 – The Dutchman’s Plan

Guy Quigley’s ” The Thundering Smoke: The Dutchman’s Plan” is an engrossing continuation of his African story, and it is quite absorbing. Come along with the characters as they go on a fresh adventure that is replete with love, grief, and the unrelenting pursuit of dreams. In this engrossing story of adventure, you will get the opportunity to experience the beauty and difficulties of the African terrain. Find your copy right now!

In the second book, The Thundering Smoke: The Dutchman’s Plan, Tom Sutton’s journey across the African bush in search of justice and peace is explored in more depth.

Tom adopts the Dutchman’s daughter Heidi where the Dutchman’s Plan unfolds with a letter from the grave. He confront his past history while also developing new connections with the people around him due to the perilous surroundings and personal challenges he faces. The story develops with captivating intensity, with themes that include resiliency, devotion, and the lasting power of friendship.

Tom’s life becomes intertwined with the lives of other people, which leads to the discovery of secrets, such as stolen gold, murder, the return of his once thought dead son Sean bent on revenge for what he believes is his father’s desertion; yet amidst all the turmoil the formation of new bonds that were not anticipated.

The Thundering Smoke: The Dutchman’s Plan attracts readers with its rich choice of characters and engaging narrative, leaving them anxiously expecting the next part of Tom’s quest. This is accomplished through a series of surprises and unforeseen events.

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