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Guy Quigley

Guy Quigley is a multidimensional guy with a diverse range of skills in business, entrepreneurship, and artistic ventures. Born from a theatrical family in Ireland, he began his career in business, earning great success in revenue management and creating The Quigley Corporation, which is most recognized for bringing the zinc lozenge industry to the United States with Cold-Eeze®.

 Quigley’s life adventure took him to Africa, where he managed a large cattle ranch and dealt with political unrest. Moving to the United States in 1983, he maintained his commercial activities while also diving into writing, gaining inspiration from his African experiences.

 As a novelist, he has written various books based on his different life experiences. Quigley has also made substantial contributions to the film business as a producer and executive producer, demonstrating his diverse creative abilities and entrepreneurial passion.

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Reviews by the Readers

Gemma Ferguson
Gemma Ferguson@gemmaferguson
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Guy Quigley demonstrates that he is a master of the trade with each book that he writes, creating tales that are not only entertaining but also stimulating.
Hudson Daniel
Hudson Daniel@hudsondaniel
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Guy Quigley's ability to assemble many tales into a coherent narrative is nothing short of remarkable.
Rebecka Bengts
Rebecka Bengts@rebbengts
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It doesn't matter whether you're a lover of poignant dramas or action-packed thrillers; Guy Quigley's works have something that every reader can appreciate.
Julie Nilsson
Julie Nilsson@julnilssonn
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Guy Quigley's works are an absolute must-read for everyone who enjoys fascinating experiences because of the gripping storyline twists and colorful characters that he creates.
Pascal Norberg
Pascal Norberg@pasnorberg
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Readers will find The Thundering Smoke to be a luring book since it is packed with suspense, mystery, and a profound feeling of yearning.
Hiba Larry
Hiba Larry@hibbalund
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The realistic tone of the author’s narrative is enhanced by the fact that he draws from his own personal experiences, which results in a feeling of immersion that is extremely engaging.
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