The Thundering Smoke – Book 1 – The Price Of Freedom

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Immerse yourself in Guy Quigley’s enthralling universe of ” The Thundering Smoke: The Price of Freedom.” Follow the epic story of love, betrayal, and redemption set against the background of Africa. Buy today and join the adventure!

Guy Quigley’s ” The Thundering Smoke: The Price of Freedom ” is a clutching story of adventure and mystery set in the liberation war of 1920 Ireland and moving to the dark continent of Africa. Follow the lives of remarkable individuals as they navigate romance, treachery, and the desire for atonement across stunning landscapes.

From busy metropolis to an immense wilderness, Quigley builds a gripping story that keeps readers interested until the conclusion. This novel is filled with rich imagery, captivating narrative, and surprising turns, making for a remarkable read.

Venture from a bitter war in Ireland into the heart of Africa and experience a world where love and danger mix. Don’t miss out on this interesting journey; get your book now!

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